How it works?


FilmFlyNet is a streaming platform conceived for film and audiovisual industry professionals. With FilmFlyNet you can promote your film/series/video via email and make the content available privately online, in high quality, with the statistics of which contacts have viewed the mail, the videos and how many times.


Your Film Online by invitation only 


FilmFlyNet has a unique system of sharing videos on the internet which gives you more control over your contents. Your content will be visible by invitation only. You can set how many times and days your film can be seen by each specific contact. Each stream is encrypted and no local copy of the content is made in the process.


To  upload your videos, send screening invitations, add content to the market place just activate our free trial. You will be provided with an out box, messages and screenings status and 2GB of free storage. You can buy more space if you need it. So click on try it free and follow the steps:





° Fill in the registration form
° You will receive an activation email
° Click on the link in the email to complete registration.



Activate free trial


As soon as you activate the free trial you can use our service for free up to 10 screening invitations to you contacts and/or festivals, 2GB of storage space, access to messages and screening statistics, adding your projects to the marketplace and sending viewing requests. Users who require to use the service  beyond these limits can choose between our fee-based offers.



The new uploader web: Installation is not required but it is necessary to keep the browser open until completion. Currently the uploader web requires the following browsers (with updated versions as reported): Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome 24+, Mozilla firefox 20+, Opera 12.5+, Safari 6.0+.


Upload video content


Just drag and drop your file  into the uploader window or select file and start uploading.

Once you have your content stored on FilmFlyNet you can send screening invitations by just a click.


Filmflynet accepts a wide range of video formats and will convert them automatically to the default high and low resolution formats used for streaming.

However, to minimize quality loss due to format conversion, we suggest that you upload the video content in a format as close as possible to the High resolution streaming format, indicated below, as in this case we will avoid conversion into the High resolution and only perform conversion to Low resolution. In all cases do not upload video of lower quality than the format below, as this will limit streaming quality in high resolution: 

  • Video format: H.264
  • Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1
  • Average bitrate video: 1000 kbits
  • Frame per second: 25
  • Resolution:
    • Width: 720 or less
    • Height: 576 or less
  • Audio format: AAC
  • Audio bitrate: 160 Kbits.
  • Samplerate audio: 44.1 KHz
If you do not have the video content available in this format but have it on a non protected DVD, we suggest that you download Handbrake, an open source, GPL-licensed  DVD conversion package, available at http://handbrake.fr, and use it to convert the DVD in the format above. We suggest to keep the resolution given by Handbrake.

Please, take a look at this page for further instructions on Handrake output settings.

For manual upload you can mail us an unprotected DVD containing the material you need to upload. For further info please conatct us: info@filmflynet.com



Create project


To send screening invitations and show your content, you first need to associate your video content to a project. The project can contain your film with related data, secondary videos, pictures and text documents. When you send your film, you send the all project. The receiver will benefit from having the film and promotional
material available at just one link.


Send screening invitations


To send your projects go to >manage your projects>send. Also you can go to >send screening invitations and follow the wizard.
FilmFlyNet will send an email to each of the contacts containing a link to view the screener, on high definition format. You can limit the number of times each recipient can view the screener. There's no download, your recipient can just click and watch in secure streaming.

Message and Screening status
To see which contacts have read the mail, and which have actually watched the screener go to the Message and Screening status and check it out!

You can also add your projects to the marketplace


so that additional potential buyers will be able to ask you for a screening invitation. Just set the status “visible in the market place” in the project registration form.


Create your page

You can now create one or more web pages and add all your projects. You can personalize your page by adding an image and optionally protect it with a password. You can then send your personal page’s link to your contacts. The recipients will get an email containing the link to your page and the access name to login: the page name and optionally a password.