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Filmflynet accepts a wide range of video formats and will convert them automatically to the default high and low resolution formats used for streaming.


However, to minimize quality loss due to format conversion, we suggest that you upload the video content in a format as close as possible to the High resolution streaming format, indicated below, as in this case we will avoid conversion into the High resolution and only perform conversion to Low resolution. In all cases do not upload video of lower quality than the format below, as this will limit streaming quality in high resolution:


Anamorphic: none/Modulus:16/ Video format: H.264 / Pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 / Average bitrate video: 1000 kbits/Frame per second: 25/Resolution: ◦Width: 720 or less, ◦Height: 576 or less/ Audio format: AAC/Audio bitrate: 160 Kbits/Samplerate audio: 44.1 KHz.


If you do not have the video content available in this format but have it on a non protected DVD, we suggest that you download Handbrake, an open source, GPL-licensed DVD conversion package, available at http://handbrake.fr/, and use it to convert the DVD in the format above. We suggest to keep the resolution given by Handbrake.


For optimal results, we recommend configuring Handbrake as shown in the following snapshots. In particular, make sure the Keep Aspect Ratio option is checked and the Anamorphic option is set to None. Also, do not change the Width and Height values, which are automatically choosen by Handbrake, unless you know what you are doing.

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