About us

What does FilmFlyNet do?
FilmFlyNet is a web-based service provided by KPNQwest Italia www.kpnqwest.it for the mailing and streaming of audiovisual content to private contacts and festivals with statistics of who has seen the mail and the video.

Who are FilmFlyNet clients?
FilmFlyNet clients are professionals in the film and audiovisual industry who will benefit from a system which provides secure encrypted streaming and full control on who actually can see the content and how many times: film owners, sellers, festivals, press agents.

Who are FilmFlyNet visitors?
FilmFlyNet visitors are professionals of the film and audiovisual industry, searching for new content.



How do I register?
To register you need to fill in the registration form with the compulsory information requested. You will then receive an activation email. By clicking on the link in the email you become a registered user. You can use the free trial and register from there.

How does the free trial work?
To activate the free trial click on the related button and follow the steps. The free trial includes 10 screening invitations to your contacts, accesso to viewing statistics, adding your projects to the market place and sending viewing requests for the vidoe content published in the marketplace. Users going beyond these limits can choose between our fee-based offers.



Upload video content

How do I upload audiovisual content?
To upload video content you can use the new web uploader. Installation is not required but you need to leave the browser open until completion.

Just drag and drop your file into the uploader window or select file and start uploading.

You can also transfer your files directly from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Currently the web uploader requires the following browsers: Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome 24+, Mozilla firefox 20+, Opera 12.5+, Safari 6.0+.

In which format does the audiovisual content has to be?
FilmFlyNet accepts a wide range of video formats and will convert them automatically to the default high and low resolutions used for the streaming.

What is the duration allowed?
You can upload any duration of film. (trailer, short, feature film).

Do I have to pay for the storage?
We give you a free amount of space which correspond to 2 hours 30 min of film (1875 MB). You can buy extra space if you need. My account>storage

Can I upload text document and images?
Yes you can upload text documents (ex. reviews, synopsis) and images (ex. posters, pictures)

How do I get to know how much space I have left?
In the storage area (as well as in > my videos/projects) you have indications on the space used and the space available.

Can I manage my space autonomously uploading and deleting content?
Yes. You can upload content > upload videos. Delete content> manage your videos.



Projects and screening invitation

What is a screening invitation?
A screening invitation is an email with the link to the content you wish to screen. The receiver will instantly be able to screen in secure streaming the content by clicking on the link in the email.

How do I send screening invitations?
To send screening invitations and show your content, you first need to associate your video content  to a project go to > new project and register your film info, add the film content and optionally add related secondary videos as well as extra promotional material. To send your project go to >manage your projects>send  or > Send screenings invitations and follow the wizard.

What is a project?
The project contains your video with the film's data and optionally related promotional material: secondary videos, pictures and documents. When you send your film you send the project. The receiver will benefit from having the film and added promotional material all at once.

Can I associate more videos to one project?
Yes you can add more videos to one project. In addition to your movie, you can add secondary videos as for example: trailer, promo and backstage video.

Can I associate one specific video to more than one project?
No one video is to be associated to one project only.

Can I edit my project?
Yes you can easily edit your project, add or remove videos, photos, documents clicking on the related button. > manage your projects>edit

Can I send my movie without associating it to a project?
No but only 3 fields are compulsory. You can skip the following fields.

What is mail merge?
The process of combining a form letter with a list of names and addresses to produce individualized letters.

How do I use mail merge?
You click on the button first name or/and family name positioned on the left of the box. As for example: You write: Dear (click on the name) and go on composing your message. You can then have personalized screening invitations by writing only one mail and sending it to an unlimited list of contacts.

Will I need a new email address?
No your email remains the same. The recipient will receive it from your email address as if you had used your usual outbox.

Do I check my messages and film requests through your website?
No, it is only outbox. All the requests and messages are sent to your usual inbox.



What does the receiver needs to do to watch a video content?
To watch a video content the receiver only needs to open the mail containing the link to the content, click on the link and watch the content in secure streaming. The content can not be downloaded.

Can the receiver forward the email with link to others?
Yes he can but the film owner can set how many times he wants his film to be watched. Every new internet session correspond to an additional viewing. Therefore, if the film owner does not want the link to be forwarded he can just set “ maximum 1 view” during the compose message session.

What is the definition format used for the screening?
Between 800 kbits and 1,2 Mbits. See details>how it works>upload

What are the system requirements?
The Flash player must be at least the 9.0.115 version. Currently the software to upload video content is available for Windows, MAC OS X and Debian/Ubuntu Linux.





What is the security system used by FilmFlyNet to protect the audiovisual content uploaded?                                        

FilmFlyNet uses a secure, controlled system. The content stream is encrypted and no local copy of the content is made in the process

How is it possible for the film owner to control who view his films?

The film owner can set how many times each of his contacts can view his film. The film owner's content included in the market place can not be viewed without his authorization.


Credits and payments

What is the procedure to start using the service with fee?
You need to register your billing details. You can then choose between the fee-based offers available.

What do you provide to use FilmFlyNet services?
To use our services, you will be provided with an out box, address book, a web uploader, storage space, message and screening status, and the addition of your projects to the market place.

What type of cards do you accept?
Master card, Visa

How is the payment procedure? What security system do you use?
The on line transaction is made through Banca Sella Gestpay system and FilmFlyNet has no track of your credit card data. The payment page is opened directly by Banca Sella Gestpay web site in protected and encrypted mode. Pay Pal is also available.

How do I manage my reload?
You can choose the reload which better suits your needs. You will receive an email notification if your credit needs to be reloaded.

Do I have the option of reloading automatically?
Yes you can. You may pre-define the amount by which you want to automatically reload your credit.

Can I also pay for the storage with my reload?
No. The storage is paid independently and is no limited in time. Once you buy storage space is yours as long as you use our services.


Free trial

How does it work and what does it include?
The free trial includes 10 screening invitations to your contacts and/or festivals, 2GB of storage, access to viewing statistics, adding projects to the market place and sending viewing requests for video content published in the marketplace.

Do I need to upload a content to try the service?
No, you can use our sample video to send screening invitations and check the statistics.



What is the marketplace?
The marketplace is an additional option for our clients to no extra cost for the time being. Content owners can set the status "accessible in the marketplace" in the project registration form.

How is my content protected?
You video content can not be viewed without your authorization. Visitors to the market place will have to send you a request to view your content.

Can visitors see my contact details?
No, contact details are hidden. Visitors can just see your name.

Do I have the possibility to know the profile of the applicant?
Yes. The profiles of registered users are stored in our system. When a registered user asks for authorization to watch a content, the profile of the applicant is sent by the system to the content owner together with the message from the applicant.

How can I manage my approval or denial?
A message will be sent by the system together with the applicant's profile to the content owner. In case of approval the applicant will get an email containing the link to the content the applicant has chosen. In case of denial the applicant will get an email denying access.

Is the market place available only to registered users?
Yes it is. To have access to the marketplace visitors need to register their profile with personal details. Their profiles are then stored in our system.

What are the benefits of adding my content in the marketplace?
The market place is an additional marketing tool which gives visibility to your content as it allows visitors to search for your film and promotional material and hence further increase your business opportunities.

What are the benefits for a registered visitor?
Registered visitors can easily search for content through the many options given by our search function. Registered visitors just need to ask for authorization to the content owner and once given, they will receive a screening invitation.

How many times can a content be viewed?
The film owners can set the number of times the content can be viewed while composing the screening invitation.


My Page

How can I create my page?

To create one or more pages and choose which projects to add go to: http://www.filmflynet.com/en/yourpage . You can personalize your page by adding an image and optionally protect it with a password. You can then send your personal page’s link to your contacts. The recipients will get an email containing the link to your page and the access name to login: the page name and optionally a password.
The service is now available for free.