About us

FilmFlyNet has been found in 2013. FilmFlyNet  provides a web-based service for the mailing and streaming of audiovisual content. KpnQwest Italia leading provider of telecommunication services in Italy is one of the founding partners. KPNQwest has been offering telecommunications services since 1985 and is today a leading provider of data center, connectivity and unified messaging services in Italy, with more than 3000 corporate customers.

FilmFlyNet provides film and audiovisual industry professionals an easy-to-use, instantaneous and secure system to screen audiovisual content through the web that provides feedback on who actually views the videos and the mail.

The company’s four data centers are located in Milano Caldera, Italy’s fiber hub and the location of MIX, the main Italian Internet Neutral Access Point (NAP), assuring the highest quality connectivity to the Internet, ideally suited for media streaming and other bandwidth intensive applications.